Moving Forward

Anthony DiMoroMany of you who follow my work at Sports Rants or regularly tune in to my podcast, the Anthony DiMoro Show, noticed my erratic schedule over the past few weeks.

Now that some time has passed, I wanted to let you in on the reasons behind some of my absences.

For several weeks I had been experiencing some rather odd symptoms and one in particular that was completely foreign to me. The symptom I’m referring to is a cramping in my lower abdomen, mostly when I am working out and focusing on a core routine.

This accompanied some fatigue and with a family history of cancer, I wanted to be proactive with finding out what was causing these “red flags”.

Being an entrepreneur is a tricky thing and especially in regards to healthcare. Many of you who own and run your own business know that even the Affordable Care Act doesn’t always mean “affordable” and sometimes it’s more advantageous to pay out of pocket.

Additionally, the last company I had directed Internet Marketing initiatives for (which I sometimes do if that particular market interests me) seemingly refused (they claim a “clerical error”) to send me COBRA information after my departure.

So, I scheduled my appointments and then a exploratory procedure to investigate the issues I have had. The worst part of the process was the prep and a bit of anxiety.

It turns out that the initial diagnosis indicates I have Colitis and I.B.D

I’m currently taking meds, eating as Gluten free as possible and due to dairy allergies, I’m being more mindful of my dairy intake.

This has effected my energy and my workouts. Probably most irritating is the fatigue in working out and the constant bloating. The bloating usually is the most uncomfortable. Eating a rather small or adequate meal and feeling/looking like you ate a 12 cut pizza isn’t a feeling that you want to keep having.

The medications have helped and a good amount of my symptoms have subsided or have been drastically reduced. It elevates my chances for Colon Cancer, which is rooted in my family history, and being 32 (33 in a week) years of age makes this all the more important.

This very well could lead to Crohn’s, more serious issues and it could subside after extended treatment and diligence. Only time will tell.

But as my doctor told me and as research has educated me, men my age don’t typically react to symptoms correctly. They typically ignore it thinking it’s nothing serious.

Being 32 is young and particularly young for the colonoscopy process. Young for any of this. I’m rather healthy. Fit. Active and tend to eat rather well. The point is this can arise out of nowhere for no clear reason.

My thinking is that I had a reaction to a protein shake I had been taking for several months that, upon further investigation, had a milk-related product in it. This could have ticked my symptoms and contributed to the Colitis diagnosis.

My message is to get checked. Not just for any symptoms you incur but request an Allergy test. It’s painless and only takes about 10 minutes. Learn what you are truly allergic too and do it annually. I thought I had minimal allergies but upon testing found out I was allergic to several other things that were in my diet (pecans) and my home environment.

Nobody wants to endure a colonoscopy, but the prep is the worst part and I assure you that the piece of mind is worth it.

As someone who works out regularly, be very mindful of any supplements. Not just the Nutrition Facts but the small print. Research online. Empower yourself.

This isn’t a debilitating disease or condition. I’m not sad. I’m not depressed.

I’m motivated.

Challenges bring out the best in me.

My agenda with writing this is the hopes it inspires more people to get the necessary testing and/or do extra research to educate themselves in regards to their diet and allergies.

So i do apologize to the sporadic nature in which I broadcast, but i’m still in the “adjustment phase”.

Week by week it’s getting better and I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll overcome it.

But knowledge is power.

Empower yourself!